[Opinion] Baby on Board – So what!

Seriously?! What is the use of a “Baby on Board”-sign in the rear window of your car these days? I could honestly not be bothered with a sign informing me of “Baby Ethan Onboard” or “Little Terror in Car.”

Regardless of whether you have children or not, just let your mind jog to the last time you’ve even noticed one of these signs while driving? Now, think carefully. Did the sign make you slow down and keep a safe following distance? Did you instinctively drive more cautious around this vehicle?

And if you have one of these stuck on your rear window, do you yourself drive more cautiously than you used to? Do you take extra caution if you are late because you had to change that same baby on board’s diaper before heading out?

I, for one, can’t think of a time where I’ve made a conscious decision to drive extra careful when noticing a “Baby on Board”-sign. Firstly, because I honestly only notice these signs when I’m stuck in traffic behind a car that has one, while stationary at a traffic light or while walking past it in a shopping centre parking area. And just to be clear here, I’ve been legally driving for 15 years now, and I have not been in a crash, nor have I caused one.

So why do we have these stupid signs? You can read up why Michael Lerner had the idea of marketing the sign in 1984. A driver with a Baby on Board-sign in their car is not exempt from any road laws, and nowhere in any of the rule books does it make special mention of these signs. Insurance companies won’t be bothered if you mention that you have one stuck in the back of your car, and neither will the person driving past you on the highway.

Some say that if the car with a baby or small child inside is in an accident, rescuers will know to look for the baby in the wreckage. Imagine the baby or small child was not in the car when the accident happened, and rescuers spend precious minutes looking for a little one.

The only reason I can possibly think of, is to park in the allocated parking bays dedicated to parents with young children and/or babies. But then again, you getting out of the car to pick unbuckle your child from his or her car seat, should be enough proof that you have the right to park in that spot…

Why do you drive with a “Baby on Board”-sign in the rear window of your car? Or why don’t you?


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