It’s not JUST a CD…

So the other day while I was busy sorting through all my music to compile new mix-CD some one asked me: “Is that really the only thing you can do at the moment?” – My answer: “Yes!”

Later that day while listening to the CD in my car someone else asked me: “Did you put this song on this CD?” – My answer: “Yes!”

I was a little (just a little) surprised when I got asked these questions, but while driving home tonight, listening to the same CD and singing along to all the songs, it hit me… I am singing along, to the top of my lungs. (Yes, I like to think that what I am doing is singing)

Compiling a CD is not just another thing to do for me. I enjoy going through the music I have and rediscovering why I listen to them. It’s not easy either. I mean you can’t put EVERYTHING on a playlist cause different songs fit different situations right?

So that night I compiled a CD filled with feel good songs. Songs I enjoy listening to a lot. Songs I want to put on repeat everytime I listen to it. Songs I can sing along to.

THAT is why that was the only thing to do at that moment. It is also the reason why I put THAT song on the playlist. Come have a drive with me and I bet you you will see (and hear) what I am talking about.


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