Paragliding in Danyang

I want to say winter is slowly creeping in, but before winter comes, we have to experience autumn, right? YES! A time of beautiful scenery filled with green, red and yellow trees and cool fresh air. So with that in mind and that fact that we’ll soon be confined to our warm comfy apartments (except for when we go snowboarding over weekends of cause), a couple of us got together over the weekend to go paragliding in Danyang. What an absolutely amazing experience. Awesome views which could only be describe as something you have to experience yourself. Just look at it!

A view of Danyang from the top of the mountain where you launch from.

A view of Danyang from the top of the mountain where you launch from.

The initial plan was to go paragliding and relax in Danyang on Saturday, but after a big night of wine, cheese and an early morning in Groover, all of us were man-down. It worked out for the best though as Sunday’s weather was perfect for spending a day outdoors. A 1 hour 40 minute bus ride out of Chungju later we were in Danyang and ready to go flying! The owner of the paragliding company (ParaEnjoy) was able to help us in English and could direct us to where they operate from easily.  The pictures aren’t doing the views any justice, but believe me when I say it was a breathtaking experience.

Look at that view!

Monique and her pilot in the air. Look at that view!

Did it!

Did it!


  • Website: ParaEnjoy
  • Price: ₩83,000 without video/ ₩100,000 with video.
  • Duraton: Approximately 7 – 15 minutes.
  • Contact: 010-3864-2677

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