Freedom beach, Patong

Freedom beach – the small secluded beach to get away from the touristy Patong beach and enjoy a little bit of freedom.

If you are not in the mood for the crowded Patong beach, head over to the Freedom Beach, about four kilometres away from the main beach.


I walked there, but you can catch a taxi, ride your scooter or your bicycle there in less than 15 minutes. There are also plenty boats doing trips from eastern side of Patong beach. The most difficult part of the trip is the last 300 metres past the Avvvvv Resort, where the road has become the victim of heavy rains and deterioration from the rainy season. The road is still accesable with scooters, bicycle and bigger cars though. Otherwise just walk that last bit. Just follow this map and directions.

There are two entrances to the beach that I know of and I would suggest going down the first entrance, as it has stairs all the way to the beach. I went down the second entrance and basically slid down most of it with my sandals on the loose sand.


I was surprised when they charged 200 baht for entry onto the beach, but I guess it goes to good use as the beach and surrounding area was clean. There were two volleyball nets and some mini soccer posts on the beach for everyone to use, so bring your balls or equipment for fun activities. There was a shop selling beer and ice cream on the backside of yhe beach, but I didn’t explore much other than the beach. I also saw some ladies giving massages back there. (Leave a comment if you have bought stuff from there with available prices). Packing your own cooler with drinks and food would be the easiest and cheapest option though.


All in all I’d say Freedom beach is the definitely worth the small journey and 200 baht entrance fee. It’s a great getaway for the day and a lot better than the busy Patong beach.


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