What is going on?

Shoot, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, so let me catch you up on things.

  • I am currently busy with my fourth contract as an English teacher in South Korea (Yes, I’m still here), but I’m kind of over it now.
  • Which is why I have decided to call it quits when my contract ends on February 2017.
  • And I’m going to Bali for two weeks and America for three (or so) months. (That is if Mr. Trump allows me, of cause).
  • But, I’m not going on my own! I’ve met this really awesome girl, whom I really like. A LOT! And love even more. We’ve been dating for just over a year now. Whoo!
  • Her name is Mallory. My partner in crime. My lover. My friend. My travelling buddy. My pal. And the only person who really laughs at all my (funny) jokes.
  • But… we both have to pack up our lives over here in South Korea first. Throw stuff out. Ship stuff home. Sell whatever else we don’t want or need. And say goodbye to friends (boo!).
  • Which means we’re both freaking out about what we’re going to do when we’re done exploring the US of A.
  • So… do we stay in America? Head to South Africa? Move to another country with new cultures, languages and people? Shit!
  • I miss being a journalist. And writing. (I still have what it takes). So I want to find something media related (check out my resume here). Mal majored in International Business, but is currently unsure of which way to head into.
  • One thing is clear though – neither of us want to be teachers again! (Not soon, anyway).
  • The problem though, is that July 2017 is still so far away. How (and where) do one apply for a job so far in advance?
  • Apart from these little meltdowns, I’m planning to travel to Taiwan for a week in January too.
  • I have also cut most of my beard off. Which I immediately regretted, so I’m growing it out again.
  • I’ll be shredding the slopes at High1 ski resort in the mean time though, so shoot me a message if you have some advice, hints, encouragement or job offerings.
  • I’ll be posting things more regularly from now.
  • Also, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat(@riaanbam).

Positive vibes and love.



**ps: This is Mal.



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