Smells like Teen Spirit performed by 1000 rockers

Rockin’1000 did it again! This time with Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit. Just crank up the volume and listen to this!!


This is definitely a concert I would attend and rock to! There is just something special about 266 voices,273 guitars,251 bass guitars,265 drum sets,29 keyboards,27 violins and 14 bagpipes working in unison.  This actually ads up to 1,124 musicians (I know, I counted), but  is the makeup of Rockin’1000, brainchild of Fabio Zaffagnini, lead by legendary conductor Marco Sabiu.

They held a live concert, That’s Live “the Biggest Rock Band on Earth!” (buy it here), in July 2016 in Cesena, Italy. They made a live recording of the 17 songs, including this rendition of Smells like Teen Spirit, David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”, The verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, and The Foo Fighters’ “Learn to fly”. Here is the recording of “Rebel Rebel” made available on the Rockin’1000 Youtube channel.

This is the original video that put Rockin’1000 on the map which they used to persuade the Foo Fighters to play a show in Italy.

Which cover is your favourite?



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